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How to Clear Face Acne in 1 week

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If you’ve been struggling with acne like I have then you know how annoying it can get when you wake up with a new bump on your face that wasn’t there yesterday…. Arrrgh!!! It is so frustrating especially if you are really trying to clear face acne.

That’s why I am writing this post for you. It’s time to clear that facial acne once and for all. But before we begin, you need to figure out what’s the cause of your face acne. That way you’ll be able to find the best solution for yourself.

Some people get face acne because of eating an acne-flairing diet, others because of hormones and others have a little combination of all these factors.

In this post, you will learn

  1. The natural at home remedies I use to clear face acne
  2. Supplements to clear face acne if you have hormone caused acne.

Let’s jump right in.

At Home Remedies to Clear Face Acne

The reason I love at home remedies is because they are inexpensive, are edible and truly do work wonders on your skin.

So if you’re low on cash or you’re into more natural skincare remedies, then these 3 remedies will work for you.

I use these 3 remedies alternating them each day. I’ll talk about this in just a little bit. Let’s first talk about what these remedies are

Lemon, Honey and Sugar Scrub

I love this scrub, not only for what it does on my skin but also how it tastes. It’s so sweet and I love how the sugar particles are not super roug on my skin.

If you have persistent blackheads, whiteheads and acne scars, this scrub will really help in reducing the acne outbreaks that you’re cosntantly experiencing.

The lemon reduces the acne scars while the honey acts as an antibacterial that balances acne causing bacteria. Although this study shows that there were nly 3 people out of 53 people who saw a significant improvement in their acne, honey is still grea as it has antibacterial effects especially when used with lemon.

As you know lemon, is an acid and that in itself is harsh for the skin, so the honey helps to calm the skin and reduce any irritation the lemon causes.

The sugar helps exfoliate your skin, remove dead skin and helps unclog clogged pores that could be the cause of your acne. That is especially helpful if your highly prone to whiteheads. Whiteheads normally look like this

Clear acne at home naturally

Turmeric, Lemon, and Clay Mask

I cannot say enough about this mask. It’s simply amazing. You can also add honey but I will hardl ever do that because of how I use these natural remedies as you’ll see down below.

Turmeric alone can clear acne caused by virtually anything apart from hormones. Whether it’s the diet that you’re eating that’s causing your breakout or stress, turmeric does it.

I normally use lemon because I have vey bad scaring from bursting whiteheads – which is something you should never do btw. But they just bag the living sh** out of me.

The clay mask helps rehydrate my skin and also helps the mixture stay together. That way you don’t have some parts of your skin that aren’t covered by the mask.

I’ll instert a picture to show you the difference of when I use the clay and when I don’t. And you can literally tell the difference.

According to this comprehensive study of the effects of clay on the skin not only shows that clay has a high absorbent of toxins, oil, greases and toxins on your face but also increases firmness and enhances skin tightening.

So instead of using anti aging products, you can simply use a clay mask thrice a week. And that does it.

Plain Lemon Juice

I do this during summer to avoid hyperpigmentation as well. You can skip this one if you don’t experience hyperpigmentation but it works like a charm. And also remember I have the worst scarring. So this step is really a-must every other day.

I avoid using it during the day so I’ll normally use it at night. I’ll dumpen a cotton ball and use it to rub the lemon juice on my face and neck.

It will do you good if you avoid direct sunlight when you have the juice on your face because the lemon will react with the sun to cause hyperpigmentation faster than when you don’t have it on your face.

Yes, you can always use sunscreen but I sweat so much. So the sunscreen never gets to stay on my face as long as I need it to.

If you have any recommendation of a great suncreen that can stay on even when it’s super hot, let me know in the comment section.

There are times I will sleep with the lemon juice on my face but I’ll usually have to remove my pillowcase the next day. And that will usually be on a Friday when I’m doing laundry on Saturday.

Weekly Routine of How to Use Natural Remedies to Remove Face Acne.

I did promise to share the routine I use with these natural remedies. So here it goes.

Normally, I avoid layering my skincare routine. I just find it too much work. Yes, I’m lazy. I like simple things that make a big impact.

So I’ll normally use a srub on Sunday after I have had my Sunday reset routine. I’m all sweaty, grime and dirty. I will normally scrub for about 5 minutes and leave it on for about 1 hour as I make dinner or cleanup the dinner dishes.

I’ll also do the scrub on the days I don’t have time to do the clay mask. And you’ll see what I mean just now.

I try to do the mask everyday apart from Sundays. The thing with this mask is that it is super messy and the turmeric stains hardly come out unless you use hydroxide or vinegar and bleach. Plus, the turmeric also stains nails.

So I use this makeup brush to apply instead of using my hands. And when I remove the mask, I simply take a shower and let it run on my face. I’ll normally use a dark grey face towel. And immediately after taking a shower soak it in bleach to remove the stains.

I’ll use the mask in the morning and in the evening. I do it in the morning when I wake up and I’ll stay with it up until an hour before I take my little boy to school – that’s when I shower. I wake up at 5am and leave the house at 7:30am. So the mask stays on for about an hour.

The Guarantee to Clear Face Acne With the Routine

This routine guarantees that you will get a clear skin in a week if

  1. You don’t use face oil that reacts to your skin.
  2. Use a soap bar that doesn’t react to your skin – I use this soap bar and I have oily, sensitive skin.
  3. You don’t have hormone-related acne.

Supplements to Clear Hormonal Acne on the Face

It will be unfair for you if you truly lack the time to make and follow this natural remedy. So I’ll share with you 3 products to use to clear acne. This will also be helpful for those with hormone related acne.

Magnesium Supplements

I love these supplements. Not only do they keep you away from the doctor but they also help to balance your hormones.

I am on birth control… And actually a huge reason why I started getting facial acne is becauese of all the hormones that were being injected into my body.

Now I cannot remove my birth control so I use this magnesium supplement to balance out the hormones. And ever since I started taking these supplements, my breakouts have really reduced significantly.

I used to breakout every other morning even with my acne clearing routine. BuI break out every other week.

Fast forward to three weeks later, and I landed on this video talking about the reasons you could be getting hormonal acne. And alas! I had 3 out of 4 of the reasons. Jill talks about how there are three main causes of hormonal acne. That’s progestrone, estrogen, and testosterone.

And as you know by now, I’m on a birth control, so I do have a problem with those hormones.

So after listening to her, I decided to find hormone balancing supplements and I realized when I took only three of them including the omega-3, my acne was completely gone exactly after a week. They are:

Zinc Supplement

Zinc is known for its anti inflammatory properties. And as you know, when you have acne, you have clogged pores and the bumps are quite painful to touch. That’s where zinc comes in. It helps with clogged pores and suppresses the production of sebum.

Omega-3 Supplement

Omega-3 supplement is used to lower IGF-1 levels (which is one among the many hormonal causes of acne) and also has anti-inflammatory components to reduce the severity of the acnne breakouts.

This is the omega-3 supplement I use.

Vitamin C Supplements

Vitamin C is what is found in Lemon (which I use on my skin) so it’s kind of overkill. But incase I’m not able to do my normal routine – because life happens, you travel, and even forget to do your routines.

That’s why I use these supplements.

And they act just as the lemon does on my skin when applied.

I use this supplement called the PERQUE potent C guard tabsules.

I go over how to know if you have hormone imbalance based on the type of acne you get in this post.

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