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High Converting Canva Sales Page Templates

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When you’re thinking of getting a Canva sales page template, 3 things should come to your mind.

  1. Simplicity of the sales page template
  2. Flow of the sales page
  3. Ability of the sales page template to deliver a conversion.

I’ll talk about these factors in depth a little later in this post. But all of them point to the one major purpose of a sales page – to sell

And that’s what these top Canva sales page templates in this post will deliver for you in your business.

But because all these Canva sales page templates are not created with the same user in mind, I have categorized them according to the type of business you do.

Also I will be providing tips on how to get the best conversion rate with each Canva Sales Page template I recommend.

But with all that chit chat about sales pages, what actually makes me an expert at advising you on this topic??

Well I’ll give you a little background story.

What Makes Me The Best Person To Give You Advice On Sales Page Templates

I have been building/ creating sales pages since 2017. I built sales pages for my own products, for affiliate products and even as a way to gain free reviews when I was just starting out.

And in creating those sales pages I was able to learn alot.

For instance, did you know that different traffic sources require a different type of sales page? I sure as hell didn’t know that when I was starting out.

Also, the fact that all of those sales pages (well apart from the very first ones I created) have very high conversion rates to this day.

But what’s a good conversion rate? According to this source, a 2.5% conversion rate is the average. But anything between 5 &8% is a great conversion rate.

What that essentially means is that if you get 1000 people on your sales page, with a 5% conversion rate, the number of people who will make a purchase will be 50.

Long story short, that’s what makes me the best person to talk about this topic.

But because I know there are some doubting Thomas out here, I have a screenshot somewhere to quench your doubt. *I’ll paste it right below this*

I’ve since stopped creating sales pages but maybe in the near future I might jump back into the game and bring you inexpensive Canva sales page templates. You never know. Hehehee ??

Now lets jump into what actually brought you in here – the top Canva sales page templates that will give you a high conversion rate.

Canva Sales Page Templates

Canva Sales Pages for Digital Products

Remember when I was talking about the 3 things to have in mind when getting a Canva sales template, well, these Canva sales templates apply all of them. This is how.

When it comes to selling digital products, your main goal is to get your customers to feel like they’re missing out if they don’t buy.

So you cannot introduce your product and go directly to the features as you would with a physical product.

Instead you want your sales page to take your potential customer on a journey. One that helps them feel heard, understood, agitated and then finally provided a solution to a problem that can only be solved by your product.

You can also ensure that you get the sale by giving them proof. But if you don’t have, you can always provide results you were able to achieve.

So let’s get into the templates.

Canva Sales Pages for Physical Products

The one thing that sells physical products is the features section. People will hardly buy a pair of leggings because of how they feel but rather what it has.

For example, if was going to buy lip gloss, I will not buy the lip gloss that makes me feel confident. What will I base my confidence on?

But I will buy the lip gloss that LOOKS good with my skin color. That will in turn make me feel confident.

In short, I will not be buying a white lipstick because I’m a black girl… And that’s on period.

So instead of focusing on how the buyer will feel, focus on showing your type of buyer how they will LOOK and the features.

Here are my top Canva sales page templates for physical products.

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