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Pinterest Marketing Results – Adhd Coach

If you’re looking to get sales, traffic and leads using Pinterest, check out this detailed portfolio of how I was able to turn a new Pinterest account into a traffic & passive income generating machine in 3 months.

SEO Writing Samples

Are you looking for an SEO writer who can turn your thoughts into a blog post that ranks on Google? This is the portfolio you need to check out. You’ll find the different writing styles that I use. And incase you would like your own brand voice used, simply record yourself talking about an issue and send it over.

Instagram Management

Here I show you how one reel was able to get a ton of views, leads, and landed me a client with only 50 followers.

Search Engine Optimization

From doing SEO to my own blog posts to my client’s blog posts, here are the results I have been able to achieve within 2 months & 6 months respectively. Meaning you’ll find two portfolios. One for this website that you’re on and another that belongs to a client.

“What is the point of being alive if you don’t at least
try to do something remarkable?”